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Background and training

Leyla Margareta Jafarian is a 29 year old German actress and artist with part Iranian heritage originally from Cologne. 

She landed her first acting roles at a young age, one of which was a principal voice for the award winning documentary series 'Flucht über den Himalaya' directed by Maria Blumencron. 

She then moved to England at the age of 16 to finish her A-levels at the renowned Hurtwood House school which simultaneously gave her a classical theatre training as well as education in theatre studies. 

Her teachers included british acting legions such as Adrian Rawlins, Antonio Magro and Andy Johnson.

After the completion of her studies she received a scholarship to the American Academy in New York where she trained in Meisner and Stanislavsky.

Once she left the Academy she then committed to a two year program that teaches method acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute. 

Ever since she finished her acting training Leyla has been working in both New York and LA as she has an O-1 Visa. Her main home has been in London however for the past 3 years.

Special Skills // Unicycle One-Handed Cartwheel Guitar Ballet Jazz Tap Dance Improv Musical Theatre Jazz & Blues Singing Sing-Songwriting

Voice & Singing

// Soprano


// Brown-Green



// Brown



// 5’4’’ 



// 118lbs

Full Resolution-0663.jpg

Germany/ Köln

USA/ New York & Los Angeles 

UK/ London


Past. Present. Future 

In addition to being an actress Leyla has established herself as a photographer, writer, producer and occasional director.

As well as going to drama school she also studied creative writing, screenplay, photography, fine art and media studies on the side. Which has lead her to become a regular author for online magazine Adolescent (based in LA), a co and assistent director for the WDR (Germany, Cologne) two recent publication of her poetic works in collaboration with award winning photographer Eva Abeling. She has had one photography exhibition in London and three in New York. Extensivly Leyla is also part of the newly established film Production Company 'Moon Rabbit'.

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